Lean Gas Station And Two RR Avon Turbine Controls Retrofit (UAE)

Tarco’s Scope:

  • Engineered and supplied a new station control system using a TUV rated PLC system
  • Completed a PLC redundant controls system upgrade for two Avon turbine control systems
  • Design, draft and create control narratives and documentation to upgrade design for the existing GE PLC control systems
  • Fabrication, procurement, installation and commissioning of all control panels
  • Control network architecture hardware selection and design
  • All control system programming and control network configuration
  • Network design and communications work to enable the duplex communications between the three new control systems supplied with the main station DCS system
  • Provision of training courses to the client employees
  • Onsite start-up and commissioning of the two turbine control systems and new station control systems
  • Selection and management of electrical crew to assist Tarco in the termination of the new control panels
  • The unit control platforms were originally running on a Woodward system. Tarco upgraded them to run on GE PLC systems
  • A new station control system was installed for the lean gas unit, utilizing a TUV rated GE PLC system
  • The facility required load sharing between two gas turbine powered units, which Tarco completed on the unit PLC systems

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March 10, 2022