RR RB211 & GE LM2500 Turbine Test Facility (China)

Tarco’s Scope:

  • To provide a single control system that could test, to OEM specifications, both the Rolls-Royce RB211-24G and the General Electric LM2500+ industrial turbines, without having to make physical changes to the system
  • Designed HMI with engine specific screens, but with a similar look and design to ensure that the operators can easily operate both engines
  • Implement control modes which included Ignition and Start Ramp Control, Speed Control with Dynamic Gains, EGT Control with Dynamic Gains, Acceleration/Deceleration Control and IGV Control (RB211) and VSV Control (LM2500)
  • Protection System: Start Permissives, Engine Trips and Shutdowns
  • HMI-Configurable Engine and I/O Setpoints
  • Engine test facility certification by both Rolls-Royce and GE

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March 10, 2022

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